Phthalates: A threat to male fertility

on Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 3:28 PM

(c) John Stamets

(c) John Stamets

One of the success stories the Bullitt Center contributed to was the removal of phthalates from Prosoco’s liquid-applied air and water barrier. This is the product that is painted onto the exterior of a building to seal it from the weather – a key piece to ensuring the longevity of the building and energy performance, among other benefits.

Before the Bullitt Center, Prosoco used phthalates in its products. But when approached the the Bullitt Center project team, Prosoco was able to remove phthalates and still honor its warranty, much to its credit.

Today Prosoco is marketing its products as phthalate-free, differentiating its products from competitors.

Now the New York Times has weighed in on the growing list of health concerns caused by phthalates. Another reason to ask the question: Phthalates, what are they good for?