Product List

The Materials Red List in the Living Building Challenge identifies 14 chemical categories that must be avoided in products used in the project.

To comply with this imperative, the Bullitt Center team worked for more than two years identifying products that did not contain Red List chemicals.

The attached spreadsheet documents products ultimately selected for use in the Bullitt Center.

To support other teams, we are excited to share the product list. However several important caveats apply:

  • Just because a material or product is on the list below, does NOT guarantee that it is compliant with the Living Building Challenge criteria.  There were market constraints and temporary exceptions that required the Bullitt Center team to use products that may not be 100% Red List free.  Also, due to “proprietary” and “trade secret” claims that are prevalent in the industry, it is possible that we inadvertently used non-compliant products. 
  • The Bullitt Center team does not warranty these products in any way. 
  • Project teams should conduct their own analyses and due diligence before selecting any products, to ensure they meet specific needs and that they have not been reformulated. 

Download the Bullitt Center product list here: Bullitt Center As-Built Product List – Jan 2014