The Bullitt Center was designed to show what’s possible today, changing the way people think about high performance green building.

While the building includes many innovations, in reality every feature of the building is being used elsewhere in the world. As Denis Hayes says, “our chief innovation is that we brought all these ideas together in one place at the same time” – net zero energy and water, composting toilets, toxic-free materials, FSC wood, and more.

This section of the website focuses on different aspects of the building, so people can learn more and incorporate ideas into their own projects.

Dashboard launches a building diagnostic system that shows real-time data about energy and water use in the building.

Building Features includes detailed descriptions of different components and concepts in the building.

UW Center for Integrated Design manages the ground floor “Discovery Commons” at the Bullitt Center, where tours, events and education happens.

Tenants includes a full list of current occupants in the building.

Photo Gallery is a collection of images from the Bullitt Center Flickr photostream.

Product List includes a spreadsheet with every product used in the building.

Leasing information is available for people interested in the Bullitt Center for their office.

Project Team lists the organizations who helped make the building possible.

Product List includes all as-built products used in the building construction.