An EcoDistrict is sustainability applied at the neighborhood scale.

The Bullitt Center is located within the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, which defines an EcoDistrict as “sustainability applied at the neighborhood scale. EcoDistricts provide a framework for realizing advanced sustainability through behavior change, building design, and infrastructure investments.”

In cities across the U.S. and around the world, ecodistricts are being developed to improve environmental and social performance at a scale that extends beyond the building site alone. In many respects, the concepts advanced by the Living Building Challenge at the site scale are extended to the district scale in ecodistricts.

In addition to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, Seattle is home to the Seattle 2030 District. EcoDistricts can also be found in Austin, TX, Portland, ORSan Francisco, CAWashington, DC, London and Stockholm, among a growing number of other examples.

EcoDistricts, formerly the Portland Sustainability Institute, has a good set of profiles on their website.